Google Shopping Feed Management

Google Shopping Management


Google Merchant Feed Management

Google Shopping is a marketplace where customers search products from both big and small retailers. When you commence a Google Shopping campaign, your Google Products Listing Ad will be uploaded to Google Shopping.

With our expertise team, we can keep an inventory of a products, which provides descriptive information on each product, which system it is loaded to (such as Google Shopping or Amazon) and recommendations to improve it. We will organise and manage shopping campaigns through the Google Merchant Centre.

Google Merchant Feed Management


Products Shopping Feed Creation

Essentially, a Google Compatible Product Feed allows you and our team to easily configure data which is added to your Google Merchant Centre Feed and then on Google Shopping. It contains all the important data of your products, such as size, price and availability, which is provided to your customers.

By using Product Feed to its maximum abilities, our team will allow your customers to find your products and all the important information that comes with it. Our team will manage all of it for you, from helping to create your Product feed and aligning it perfectly with Google’s Guidelines to ensuring that new customers are reached.

Products Shopping Feed Optimization

Once your Google Compatible Product Feed is created, it is important for the feed to be optimised. A more focused optimised feed will better guarantee a higher placement of your products on Google Shopping and of your Google Products Listing Ads. Once optimised, we can provide the platform to ensure that each and every one of your products and ads get in the very top position of search results.

Products Auto Feed Management

If you are already running an E-Commerce store and using a content management system, including the likes of Shopify, Drupal and Magneto, with the addition of the Google Shopping Plugin, you can manage your Google Shopping Feeds through an automated system. We can assist you in setting up an automated feed management system for your already established e-commerce store.

Google Products Listing Ads (PLA) Campaigns for E-Commerce Stores

If you are looking for a more economical way in achieving your online marketing objectives, you can hire our Certified Professionals to utilise and commence your Google Products Listing Ads (PLA) Campaign. A low-cost method, PLA campaigns can guarantee a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and a more visually effective display to showcase your products, as your ads will be run with product images on the first page of search results.